Next Next cigarettes are the cheaper version of Marlboro cigarettes. This budget variant of cigarettes appeared rather recently when one of the biggest consumers of Marlboro cigarettes, Malaysia drastically increased the taxes on tobacco, eliminating, thus, Marlboro cigarettes from the market.

The tobacco blend used in the next cigarettes is absolutely the same as it is used in Marlboros. The difference is in the lower quality wrapping paper, which in spite of its lower quality is still quite durable. Next tobacco production line isn’t limited only by cigarettes there also exists a variety of Next rolling tobacco. This brand, manufactured by Philip Morris is very popular in Canada, when it competes with such budget brands as Viceroy.

Currently, Next brand underwent redesigning and the following varieties can be bought in the majority of European countries, and, certainly, online stores Next Red Edition rather strong cigarettes, containing 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine, Next Blue Edition slightly lighter version of Red Edition, containing 8 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine, Next Azure Edition the lightest of the regular size Next, which contains 4 mg of tar and 0.4 mg of nicotine.

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Tobacco manufacturers have been accused of adding substances to cigarettes to increase their addictiveness so that more people are hooked by the smoking habit.

Anti smoking groups have called for a clampdown on the practice, claiming that current UK and EU regulation of tobacco additives is inadequate.

ASH and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund say that they have evidence uncovered by a review of tobacco industry documents that

  • Additives are used to make cigarettes that provide high levels of ‘free’ nicotine which increases the addictive kick of the product
  • Additives are used to enhance the taste of tobacco smoke
  • Sweeteners and chocolate are used to make cigarettes more palatable to children
  • Eugenol and menthol are added to numb the throat to mask the aggravating effects of tobacco smoke
  • Additives such as cocoa are used to dilate the airways allowing the smoke an easier and deeper passage into the lungs
  • Additives are used to mask the smell and visibility of smoke that is not breathed in by the smoker

A spokesman for the manufacturers in the UK said the research was based on the situation in the US, and that in the UK 90% of cigarettes contained no additives.

But Dr Martin Jarvis, of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, said “Outside the tobacco industry no one knows which additives are used in which brands.

“The tobacco companies’ excuse for using additives is that they make low tar cigarettes easier to smoke.

“We know that low tar cigarettes are just as bad for you as regular cigarettes, so using additives can not be justified.

“As some additives can make cigarettes more addictive, tobacco companies are making it even harder for those smokers wanting to quit to succeed.”

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