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via ABC News Jack Tapper at ABC News seems amused by a picture of Obama’s brand cigarettes that a reader from Florida sent. Apparently, the presidential pleasure sticks are manufactured by a Uruguayan company, Montepaz, and sold in the States. Aside from that, there’s little information about the smokes.

This, however, is not the first time a U.S. president has been honored by his own tobacco product. Surprisingly, we’re not talking about Bill Clinton cigars.

Just 22 years ago, there was a promotional brand of cigarettes known as Campaign ’88, which featured both a George Bush version and the less popular Dukakis variant (then again, who wants to suck on a Dukakis?)

via Cigarettes Pedia From John F. Kennedy’s term through Ronald Reagan’s last term, it was also apparently common for the White House to offer guests boxes of cigarettes bearing the presidential seal.

via No president ever had an official brand of cigarette, though, but one did make money endorsing them. Yep, Ronald Reagan.

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Gitanes – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  • 1910 First appearance of Gitanes, without a filter, in four versions.
  • 1918 First appearance of Gitanes Ma s, which are a success in rural areas.
  • 1956 Appearance of the first Gitane filter.
  • 1981 “Light” versions are first marketed.
  • 1986 First Blondes launched, and are a failure.
  • 1988 First appearance of extra light versions
  • 1991 Gitanes ultra light are introduced.
  • 1990/91 simultaneous launch of a new version of Blondes with ultra light.
  • 1999 Merger of SEITA and Spanish Tabacalera gives birth to Altadis, current producer of Gitanes

In Cartoons edit

In the original Transformers series, Mirage transforms into a Formula One Ligier racecar sponsored by “Citanes” (altered so as to get past the law forbidding tobacco advertising).

Also Takumi in the Japanese manga NANA smokes them.

In Comics edit

They are mentioned in the DC Comic “Dial H” issue 7.

See also edit

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References edit

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