If you are going to see online tobacco sales Australia, review first of all the choice of cigarettes provided by the site. When you are determined with the choice of the seller, check out his range to determine now with the brand. Most cigarette sites will offer you the most popular, common brands, like Marlboro, Camel, etc .; on some sites you will find more rare, exotic cigarettes.

Usually on cigarette sites there is a list of available brands (in the section “Cigarettes”).

On many sites, you can use the search bar (usually it is located in the upper corners of the site), which will allow you to find the desired online tobacco sales Australia.

Add cigarettes to your cart. When you are done with the selection, look for the Add to Cart button. Usually it can be found next to the picture or description of the product you want to buy. By clicking on this button, you move the cigarettes to the cart (this is a constantly updated list of products that you are going to buy). Almost all sites – from huge Amazon.com to small retail – use this system.

Adding a product to the cart does not entail an immediate purchase, so do not worry if you accidentally added the wrong cigarettes to the basket.

Proceed to checkout. When you add all the cigarettes you want to buy to the cart, search the page for the button Continue shopping or Checkout. This will be followed by a series of steps (pictures and fields for filling), on which you confirm and complete your order. You will also have the option to remove any items from your list if you wish.

Please note that some sites will ask you to first register and complete your account (personal account) before you have the opportunity to view the products of the site and place an order.