Chesterfield cigarettes are a cigarette brand with a century of history, the oldest brand in the international tobacco market. One of the first slogans of Chesterfield cigarettes was: “Chesterfield cigarettes are a pleasure.” And it’s true!Almost a century of popularity of this brand confirms the truth of this statement.

Chesterfield cigarettes mean unique taste and excellent quality. In 1873, James T. Drummond founded a cigarette business in St. Louis, Missouri, named after a village in Virginia. In 1898, the American Tobacco Corporation took over his business, and after it, in 1911, ownership passed to Liggett & Myers.

By 1915, the brand had undergone a facelift, with its now recognizable white cardboard packaging bearing the word “Chesterfield” printed in gold letters. The basis of the product was a mixture of tobacco from Turkey and Virginia, therefore the image of St. Sophia with a crown was depicted on the pack, and the font of the inscription refers to the times of the colonization of the state.

Unlike other manufacturers of tobacco products, the owners of the company have invested heavily in advertising, which attracted the most famous artists to participate. Chesterfield cigarettes became the brand of choice of Frank Sinatra, Lauren Bacall, and Gregory Peck. In the novels of Ian Fleming, the brand of Chesterfield cigarettes is one of the favorites of the hero of the work of James Bond, which indicates their considerable popularity.

The Chesterfield Company has its own characteristics, thanks to which it is famous all over the world. To compare different brands of cigarettes, it is worth evaluating their main pros and cons. The positive aspects of the Chesterfield cigarettes include the following characteristics: Robust packaging and a classic design that has become famous all over the world. Tissue paper and high quality filter. Tight paper curl and high tobacco fill density. A large assortment that is suitable for any category of smokers.