Non-smokers often complain that smokers bother them with their tobacco in public places. Visitors of sports events say they cannot sustain the tobacco smell when they want to enjoy watching the game.

Even two tobacco users among a crowd can cause so much smoke that others are resented.

Non-smokers even affirm that smokers consume their tobacco in these places in order to make them angry and show how they insist on their rights to use tobacco.

Such sayings are too far-going. Those who say it do not understand that smokers have a strong tobacco addiction. They also do not understand that tobacco has a soothing effect on smokers. Watching games, people get excited and need some anti-stress remedies to protect their nerves. Tobacco is exactly such remedy.

When watching a game, people can be so much interesting in its progress that they do not remark anything except for it. They can light cigarettes mechanically or occasionally, forgetting that they can sit near non-smokers. It does not mean that they intentionally try to harm anyone. Non-smokers must not become aggressive in such cases; they can ask to pull a cigarette off.

Those who do not smoke, think that smokers dare not use tobacco in public places at all, including stadiums as others are negatively affected by this habit.

This is an evident exaggeration. Negative follows alike the actions of secondhand smoke must be estimated by smokers themselves and they must try to preserve others against them.

Non-smokers must also understand that people become nervous while watching a game and need something to be calm.

A cigarette is a great thing to keep nerves under the control. Scorers often misunderstand that they are under pressure during matches. Each nervous burst is a pressure on our organism, in other words, it is a specific stress. The tobacco consumption is a preventive measure against such stresses.

Those who are exposed to stresses get used to them and do not remark it. They do not understand the importance of preventing stress follows.

They criticize smokers for damages they cause with their habit and cannot realize that stresses are not less dangerous. Nobody has still compared the dangers of secondhand smoke and stresses.

Stresses can be even more terrible.

The only advice for smokers is to try to control themselves and not to smoke in the places where non-smokers are exposed to smokes. Self-control, flexibility and tolerance are features, which can let both smokers and non-smokers have peace on the earth.

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