When playing GTA Online, you may smoke Redwoods at any given time in the game. All the player needs to do is to buy a pack of them in any store. One package of ten cigarettes cost six dollars, and smoking will damage your health. However, the damage is so small, it’s completely negligible.

Events of GTA V

During the storyline, Redwood is facing a big lawsuit against their cigarettes. They have paid off four jurors to testify in their favor during the trial. Lester then sends Franklin to kill the 4 corrupt jurors in the mission The Multi Target Assassination. With all 4 of the jurors dead, Redwood loses the lawsuit, making their stocks suffer a huge drop in value.

Stock Tip

After completing the mission The Multi Target Assassination, invest all the money of the protagonists in Redwood stocks, wait 2 3 days until their price returns to the pre mission value, and sell all their stocks for a little profit.


  • Besides the obvious parody of Marlboro cigarettes, Redwood Cigarettes is likely a play on Red Apple cigarettes, a fictitious tobacco brand that routinely appears in Quentin Tarantino movies.
  • Redwood’s cartoon advertisement featuring children smoking their cigarettes seems to reference an actual Marlboro commercial that featured Fred and Barney from The Flintstones smoking cigarettes.
  • The brand’s main logo appears to feature the small illustration of a recreational trailer, slightly resembling an Airstream trailer.
  • A Bravado Gauntlet is available with Redwood livery after winning race 2 of the stock car racing in GTA V (enhanced version only).


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