rothmans-blue-affRothmans cigarettes were the property of the Rothmans International plc., which trademarks cover Rothmans and Dunhill as well. In 1999 Rothmans was united with the British American Tobacco. Rothmans Cigarettes were developed with regard to the previous manufacturing experience and smoker habits, which are estimated in various countries of the globe. These cigarettes possess a rare taste, which can attract and amaze any smoker. These cigarettes are a joy and consolation, no matter whether smokers try them at a job place, at home, in the country or in a friendly meeting. These cigarettes will save you good mood under any circumstances, will help you win any obstacles.

This brand firstly appeared in Fleet Street, London in 1890. It was produced by the company Rothmans International, which was created by Mr. Louis Rothman who had a small tobacco store and obtained a royal warrant on behalf of King Edward VII in 1905. The Rothmans brand is extremely preferred in the European region and the USA. This was one of the most popular cigarette brands at the beginning of the 20th age. The trademark became the property of the British American Tobacco after the Rothmans International was united with the BAT in 1998. The decision was met because of the top taste that these cigarettes possess. This taste is a good alternative to get rid of bad mood. This was actually a present for smoking fans. Rothmans cigarettes are not just intended for smoking, but a pleasure for those who really rest with good tobacco. Real smokers do not consume too much tobacco, but can satisfy their passion with the really good stuff. They can find this satisfaction while smoking these extraordinary cigarettes.

Rothmans is well-known to those who visited motor races in 80’s and 90’s as the sposnsor of these sports events. Rothmans donated for Porsche during a long time. The Rothman-Porsche team could succeed in the World Sports Car Championship of 1985. The company donated for rallies as well. It supported the 1982 World Rally Championship winner Opel Ascona 400. During the F1 racing, Rothmans originally supported the Honda team, later the Williams team.

Exactly as other top brands, Rothmans cigarettes are distributed in a number of varieties, which include the Rothmans International Cigarettes, Rothmans King Size Cigarettes, Rothmans King Size Lights Cigarettes, Rothmans Special Mild (Red) Cigarettes, Rothmans Royals 120 Cigarettes and many others. These cigarettes are distributed in very impressive and noticeable boxes.

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