Salem cigarettesConstantly improving this type of cigarettes, Salem is always ahead of the rest of menthol cigarettes in terms of sales in the market. Salem Cigarettes give a sense of freshness and satisfaction, which has not yet been reached by any of the represented brands. These cigarettes are made of high-quality tobacco, which successfully combines the exact amount of menthol.

Salem Gold cigarettes are is a slight variation of the iconic brand of menthol. Since 1956, in the manufacture of menthol cigarettes Salem cigarettes were not similar to the others. Salem Gold is a great choice for those who like to enjoy a refreshing mint.

As the result there are perfectly balanced menthol cigarettes, transferring the perfect blend of strong tobacco flavor and refreshing mint. Rich, perfect taste of Salem cigarettes guarantees full satisfaction of smoking without any stress process for your taste buds.

The typical green packaging has been updated and presented in a sleek retro style. Due to their unique packaging, coupled with unsurpassed taste Salem cigarettes stand out among other brands.

Light filter was modeled as efficiently as possible, so that it does not hinder the process of smoking, you can relax and enjoy a one of a kind cigarette.

Each puff will give you a stable, balanced taste. Each cigarette of Salem brand is a real delight for the senses, leaving a tingling taste of fresh mint in your mouth.

Salem cigarettes became the best-selling not only in the US but also in the world within the first year of appearance.

American company RJR (Reynolds Tobacco Co) is the manufacturer of Salem cigarettes, North Carolina State, Winston Salem (gave the reason to name the brand in such a way).

Prior to 2005, this brand was available in 2 varieties: Green Label (mild), Black Label (strong).

For decades, Salem was one of the most popular brands of cigarettes in the United States.

Since 1956 Salem dominated the menthol category which automatically symbolized the phenomenon of the best selling brands in the world.

Later, under the slogan “Spring … it happens every Salem” is used up till now.

Packages of Salem cigarettes were significantly revised in the late 1990s, with the addition of black label, as well as included one cigarette with a dark-green filter, appropriately named “Lucky” which according to tradition was upside down, and was supposed to be smoked at the end of the line.