salem-menthol-affToday, nobody will be surprised with a menthol flavored cigarettes, but up until 1956, the world did not know about a possible combination of tobacco with menthol.

They immediately caused a sensation among women in the United States, and then, around the entire globe. And all happened because it is the first brand of menthol cigarettes with filter.

For more than half a century history, Salem was modified many times, but, nevertheless, these cigarettes are still quite confidently hold in their niche, occasionally experimenting by introducing new versions of these cigarettes to the market.

The pioneers and discoverers of the niche of menthol tobacco products invented the Salem brand, it happened in 1956.

These cigarettes were distributed initially only in the USA, but the rapid growth in the popularity made them recognizable around the world. Already in 1957, the brand was recognized as the best-selling product worldwide.

Huge queues, pre-orders, record sales, dozens of imitators – all these are integral parts of the history of Salem brand, which radically changed the tobacco industry.

After more than 50 years since the advent of the market, the brand remains popular and in demand. The corporate blue-green color packs are well recognized around the world.

Today, Salem cigarettes are positioned as menthol cigarettes, which are designed for both men and women.

They are not light, but the concentration of nicotine and tar does not make them too strong, so that tobacco growers recommend these cigarettes as a brand, which can be consumed by both beginners and experienced smokers.

These cigarettes have a pleasant menthol aroma, but the taste notes the tobacco leaves grown in .North Carolina, they are sweet, tart.

Currently, the Salem cigarette brand is owned by one of Japan Tobacco International’s leading is. It means that a successful future is guaranteed to this brand.

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Salem cigarettes are just what any smoker has to smoke and try no matter where he/she lives. These cigarettes are meant to bring happiness, change your smoking habits and preferences. Salem cigarettes are produced for new horizons and new visions of smoking. Is not it interesting how your smoking habits are changing day after day, teaching you something new?