Get Greater Enjoyment from Vaping with Nine Tips and Tricks Though technology has improved tremendously making the vaping experience much more enjoyable, there are still some tips and tricks that will help with throat hits and drags that will help a smoker to give up the tobacco cigarettes in preference to e cigarettes. People who have

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  • 9 Vaping Tips &#038 Tricks
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Our very own brand! e-healthcigarettes disposable – great vapor output at a special low price

Coles importing cheap cigarettes from germany and selling them at discount prices

This is our very own brand, at a great negotiated price. Currently only available in White, and in Either Virginia Tobacco or Menthol Hi, Med, Lo & zero nicotine.


1. This convenient disposable e cigarette is designed to be taken and ‘smoked’ anywhere, even to give as an expensive looking gift to your friends and loved ones (great stocking stuffer). Smoke it anywhere, especially suitable for smoking in club and restaurants. Even in rest rooms if you want to be discreet. No harmful smoke or odors. Sits conveniently in you pocket or purse until you need the next drag.

2. Advanced micro devices atomization technology, creates a much higher smoke volume and never any E liguid leakage .

3. You will not need to charge the battery any more, the original power in the battery component is more than enough for the entire life of the disposable e cigarette.

4. You will not need any other accessories, just to smoke.

5. 300 500 puffs (approx 40 50 cigs) from one disposable e cigarette. Great economy!!

6. New special built in atomized cartridge for superb quality and long life.

7. Comes in Virginia Tobacco Hi, Med. Low, and zero plus Menthol Hi, Med. Low, and zero nicotine strengths. Available in conventional white (with cork filter) cigarette appearance.