Smokers are blamed every day as if they are guilty in any accident, happening anywhere? Why?

Do cigarettes push people into crashes where they lose arms and legs? Do crippled people suffer from their addiction to regularly consume cigarettes? Were cigarettes really created by the devil to destroy people?

Again and again, multiple issues cry about the danger of smokes exhaled by tobacco users and poisoning the surroundings. As if the air of cities is polluted by tobaccos and people already die because of it. Show us any street or avenue, which is covered by human corpses, and then comment that it is caused by smoking. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? It is not more stupid than proving that all pollutions within the city boundaries are caused by glowing cigarettes. Engage experts to check contents of tobacco smokes and car fumes in the air of any city and you will get an evident result what is more poisoning. Why does nobody demand to change things in this area? Why does nobody urge drivers to reject cars and go by subway or other public vehicles? Because it will sound stupid. For smokers, the critics of their habit are stupid to the same extent.

Smoking is a private area of anyone. We all know that a private life is a “terra incognita” for strangers as long as they do not get in touch with it directly. Smoking is not a thing that someone must be in touch with and no one dare interfere into matters of those who smoke. Someone can remind that the second-hand smoke is a direct threat for non-smokers, living in the same house. If smokers take preventive measures against widespread of their fumes and do not bother the others, their habit is out-of-critics.

Another thing is if they neglect the rights of non-smokers to be protected against tobacco fumes. Those who are in a bus-stop, waiting for arrival of their bus, can be resented if someone exhales smoke, being among them. But if this person moves aside in order to let them be unharmed, this is a private matter.

Smokers and non-smokers can co-exist, without troubling each other. They must be enough conscious to prevent conflicts and clashes. Smokers must find appropriate solutions to exhale fumes while being out-of-reach of those who do not consume tobacco. Non-smokers must be sufficiently tolerant not to irritate tobacco users with critical comments. The best solution for both groups is to leave each other in rest and any problem will be resolved.

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