There is a wide variety of women’s slim cigarettes on the market today. They totally differ in strength, composition, presence of flavors, etc. To choose a brand of light tobacco products for women, you should study the best brands in a more detail.
It may seem to many people that choosing a brand of cigarettes is time consuming. But don’t jump to quickly to conclusions. Most importantly, you need to decide on your immediate preference and intensity of cigarettes smoking. And then smoking becomes very understandable for you as a smoker.

For example, let us find out about Style cigarettes. These cigarettes are not just a new brand of pleasure + smoking combination. This is actually a completely new approach to smoking, its process.
Style cigarettes are a true representative of new slim scigarettes intended for women. The strongest amount of tar contains 5 mg in one cigarette and 0.5% nicotine. The products have a memorable graceful design, as there is a butterfly drawn on the pack, which many associate with lightness. It is perfection, grace and and lifestyle.
Smoking should be light and casual. This is exactly what the manufacturers of this brand of cigarettes sought and smokers fully realized and felt it.
Your smoking Style cigarettes can become even more stylish and modern when using mouthpieces. Mouthpieces are divided into 4 types – with and without a cooling element, equipped with a replaceable filter, equipped with a reservoir that isolates most of the harmful tar. The choice of a mouthpiece depends on the preference and experience of the smoker.
By the way, nowadays, this accessory has gained popularity again. Many people tend to order a mouthpiece, because it is not only an element of the image, but also protects the lungs from the effects of hot smoke and tar.
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