Afws the best products in the electronic cigarette world. You’ll find our top brand picks for 2014, as well as in depth reviews. We’re just normal every day working people who made the switch and feel strongly about eliminating second hand smoke from society. We created this review site to fill a void as we had trouble interpreting which brands were considered the best.

What Makes Our Reviews Different?

Unlike some sites that just read about e cigarettes and provide an opinion, we actually show you, on camera, that we’ve not only obtained these devices, but also used them. It doesn’t hurt that one of our family members owns a tobacco shop and we are able to secure product samples very cheap since he has distributors of various brands knocking down his door.

As of January 2, 2014, we’ve used over 150 brands of e cigs or e juices.

Noteworthy Mention

One brand that has caught our attention is Vaporzone. These are awesome for anyone looking for tons of options for upgraded batteries and e cig mods and tanks. They do custom blends of e juice, and do also have some nice affordable standard e cigs, though their upgraded models are KILLER!

Read our VaporZone review here


Some Of The Top Brands

Holding e cig brands against each other and trying to compare them is not always easy. Their starter kits are configured differently from one another and some brands carry more than one type of e cig.

Certain brands belong to larger, parent companies and are similar to a few other products also available. Each firm has its own focus which makes it so different from the rest. There might not be a lot of common ground.

What makes a brand of electronic cigarettes so popular and others less so? Why do particular models and brands routinely wind up in the top ten leaving others to cough on their dust?

In particular, why is V2 Cigs almost always at or close to the top of rankings tables along with Halo, Green Smoke, and Vapor Zone? Could Bull Smoke ever catch up?

In the following article you will see products from

  • V2 Cigs
  • Green Smoke
  • Vapor Zone
  • Halo Cigs
  • Bull Smoke
  • Cigavette
  • Eversmoke
  • Volcano ECigs
  • Premium Vapes
  • Vapor Couture
  • South Beach Smoke

Take a look at the similarities and also the differences between them. Within those descriptions, you will find out why choosing can be very difficult, but also discover elements that make it easier to select a brand.

Bull Smoke

I will start with Bull Smoke because they have a nice simple selection. Recently they appear to be growing, adding accessories to two starter kits, really cheap disposables ($5), and a selection of three battery styles.

They only carry 10 cartomizer flavors, hitting a nice base of all the basic flavors. Also, since adding accessories, Bull Smoke has honed in to carry just one starter kit.

Now they carry only the Ranch Hand, but that is the same kit essentially now that vapers have the choice of any flavors they want. A City Slicker offered all ten flavors in one kit and the Ranch Hand contained flavors chosen for the client. Two kits are blended into one, but for the amazingly low price of $29.95.

This kit contains

A USB charger
A wall adapter
10 cartridges
2 batteries

Price is unbelievable and quality is very good. This is the cheapest you can get started vaping with a top quality product. After seeing some of their changes, I am thinking, and hoping we may see some more products from Bull Smoke. Not sure what, maybe an upgraded battery of some sort.

V2 Cigs

Appearances between V2 Cigs and Bull Smoke are fairly similar. They both prefer the cigarette like style, which coaxes smokers to try vaping. V2 Cigs, however, provides loads of starter kits right up to $150 packages containing several batteries, cases, and so on. Theirs is a more tenacious business. V2 also makes blank cartridges, so if you want to fill up with e liquid you can. Bull Smoke does not provide this choice.

Both companies run affiliate programs whereby consumers turn their love of vaping into an earning opportunity, but the V2 Cigs site provides more detail about profitability for affiliates than the Bull Smoke one does, and you have to ask yourself if a cheap starter kit is going to yield a lot of money on 20% returns.

V2 Blanks can be filled with V2 e liquid, or you can opt for some other brand. If you have grown out of their choice of pre filled cartomizers or dislike their flavor, many people have discovered that e liquid is more authentic in certain instances and also cheaper when it comes to refilling.

V2 Cigs gives consumers a third choice, something I have not seen before custom pre filled cartridges. You have to buy 100 at a time, but the choice of blend is yours, no matter how outrageous.

They have also added the EX line with
4 choices of patterns
EX blanks
Bigger batteries
More power

Green Smoke

The image Green Smoke wants to promote is a healthy one healthy for the world, healthy for consumers. Not only will smokers feel better if they stop smoking and start vaping second hand smokers will be safer and there will be fewer toxins emitted into the air. It is cheaper to vape too another inference one can take from the “green” in “green smoke.” Green Smoke suffers from one of the same problems that other e cig companies are experiencing too few flavors. What they do better than the rest, however, makes for a longer list

Recycling customers’ used cartridges for loyalty points
Fresh, hygienic, specially tested and wrapped cartridges
Fantastic vapor
Lots of starter kit packages

Granted, Green Smoke is more expensive than a lot of the competition. But at least they choose to sell e cigs for the right reasons and in an inoffensive way (i.e. without using scantily clad models).

Vapor Zone

There is so much buzz around Vapor Zone that vapers want to know where the honey is. They will find at Vapor Zone not just analog style vaping but also eGo and mod style products. They carry 6 starter kits, from a Cigalike to a Rebel mechanical mod. Each kit comes with one or two batteries, the necessary tank or cartridge, atomizers as required, chargers, but one thing is missing e liquid.

Will you care? Vapor Zone sells lots of e liquid options about 30,000 possible flavors, plus pre filled cartomizers. The flavors you can select include

Most fruits
Cotton candy

That is a short list for a lot of selection and does not include blends you might create. Vapor Zone is also available for shopping in person with multiple Florida stores, especially in the area of Miami where their vape bars are popular.

Halo Cigs

Halo sells just two types of e cigs and one kit for each. Each package is fully customizable so you can choose a color, battery power, and battery style. With the G6 analog type e cig starter kit (about $45), you get

A beautiful box
2 batteries, manual or automatic
9 color options
A choice of pre filled flavors or blank cartridges
Both chargers
A totally user friendly product

The Triton is an eGo cigarette that is available for less than $70 with

Your choice of e liquid from Halo Purity
2 high powered batteries
A cone
11 possible colors

Flavor choices at Halo differ from the rest because they do not feature hookah styles.
Though analog colors are available, most people would say that is a boring way to go when you could have Emerald Green or Demon Red.

Halo also has nice customer service ratings.

In the following article you
will see products from


The makers of Cigavette keep the idea simple switch from cigarettes to e cigs and stay with what you know. They sell tobacco and menthol flavored vaping pens in three styles of starter kits and just a couple of color options. “Fancy” is for other brands.

Kit number one costs $24.95, comes with two cartridges (tobacco or menthol), and contains one battery. You also receive an Intella USB charger. The 6 choices are just divisions between nicotine levels plus one dedicated to menthol vapers.

Kit two is a Premier Standard Set. Two 4.2 volt batteries, six cartridges, a USB charger, wall adapter, and carry case cost $59.95. The other Premier, a Super Set, costs $20 more and comes with a car adapter. You also get to select a carry case or PCC.

The third style of starter kit gives you more power a VIP GO. The Ultra Kit ($99.95) contains two 650mAh batteries in black satin or polished stainless steel with blue or orange LED lights. Choose 10 pre filled menthol or tobacco cartridges. The charger set, cartridge cover, and velvet carry case complete the set. A VIP GO Mega for $129.95 provides two 1300mAh batteries, but every other feature is the same.

Those who desire fruity cartridges will have to buy disposable e hookahs from Cigavette for $8.95 each, and the last choice of flavor is for cigar users a Cuvana disposable providing about 1,800 puffs over as much as 2 years for $29.95.

Premium Vapes

Premium Vapes carries more cartridge flavors than Cigavette, standards like


Their selection is pretty ordinary. They also carry the regular lineup of e cigs in three possible kits. For $19.95, buy a version of the $24.95 Cigavette package above. Choose a “Get Started Kit” for $59.95 to own two batteries, a case, chargers, and five cartridges. A “Get Social Kit” resembles this one except it comes with more cartridges and an extra charger.

Like Cigavette, Premium Vapes knows that e cig users quickly choose to either give up vaping after they have weaned off of nicotine or they switch to eGo cigs after a short time. They carry high powered batteries for $39.95 each. The Cigavette system gets more powerful but maintains the analog look, though a bit longer. Premium Vapes eGo batteries are the usual, fatter eGos, though they do not appear to sell cartridges or tanks for them.

Vapor Couture

Women who like the way a slim cigarette feels are generally the ones attracted to Vapor Couture. They appreciate feminine colors like rose gold and deep purple and bling provided by a crystal tipped LED. Premium Vapes offers this option along with pink batteries, but they cannot go so far as to provide classy cases and so on. Vapor Couture sells five starter kits, the fullest of which (a Maximale) costs over $200 and comes with

A metal carry case with a sliding lid and mirror
An e cig necklace with a charm
A clutch with removable straps

Of course, practical items are also present like batteries, chargers, and refills. Flavors are severely limited, but not as limited as Cigavette. With just six choices and no way to refill cartridges, beauty might not be enough to make this a constant favorite. Other brands are for daily use Vapor Couture is for parties and for women.

Volcano ECigs

Volcano has been providing three styles of e cigs for a while now. The Magma is a regular e cig the Inferno is an advanced e cig, like an eGo LAVATUBE provides the control and power of a mechanical mod. Volcano was thinking ahead to their customers’ future e cig use even before many firms thought to add an eGo.

In the Magma, for $59.99, you receive

10 cartridges
2 batteries
An M Pack (PCC)
A wall charging adapter
A mini USB cable
A USB eCig battery charger
A gift box

The biggest difference between Volcano and the rest is the breadth of flavor choices and the option to pick up blank cartomizers (and now tankomizers) for the Magma, not to mention the tanks for Inferno and LAVATUBE. They sell loads of e liquid flavors.

South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke

The reason South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke are listed together is that they belong to one parent company and are similar looking. They sell standard e cig starter kits analog style products with atomized cartridges attached. Eversmoke starter kits range from $29.99 (that express kit again, this one over priced) to $99.99. South Beach Smoke sells kits from $21.99 (right between Premium Vapes and Cigavette) to $159.99 Deluxe. Prices can get that high when a package contains extra batteries or those batteries are more powerful than usual (South Beach Smoke provides one standard and two extra capacity batteries in the Deluxe Ultimate). The Deluxe Ultimate also contains a power cig, PCC, and 20 cartridges.

Like Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke carries pre filled atomized cartridges in a limited selection of flavors, a selection that is slightly wider at South Beach Smoke. Eversmoke customers wanting to upgrade are directed to Vapor Zone products. South Beach Smoke clients can buy tanks and eGo batteries. Eversmoke clients are sent to Vapor Zone for liquid. At South Beach Smoke, Vapor Zone e liquids are sold under the South Beach Smoke label, but they are exactly the same. Reviewers indicate that Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke provide similar performance, but the latter is better known and offers a bit mor

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