Increasing tobacco taxes to increase price is a proven tobacco control measure. This article investigates how smokers respond to tax and price increases in their choice of discount brand cigarettes versus premium brands.


To estimate how increase in the tax rate can affect smokers’ choice of discount brands versus premium brands.


Using data from International Tobacco Control surveys in Canada and the USA, a logit model was constructed to estimate the probability of choosing discount brand cigarettes in response to its price changes relative to premium brands, controlling for individual specific demographic and socioeconomic characteristics and regional effects. The self reported price of an individual smoker is used in a random effects regression model to impute price and to construct the price ratio for discount and premium brands for each smoker, which is used in the logit model.


An increase in the ratio of price of discount brand cigarettes to the price of premium brands by 0.1 is associated with a decrease in the probability of choosing discount brands by 0.08 in Canada. No significant effect is observed in case of the USA.


The results of the model explain two phenomena (1) the widened price differential between premium and discount brand cigarettes contributed to the increased share of discount brand cigarettes in Canada in contrast to a relatively steady share in the USA during 2002 2005 and (2) increasing the price ratio of discount brands to premium brands which occurs with an increase in specific excise tax may lead to upward shifting from discount to premium brands rather than to downward shifting. These results underscore the significance of studying the effectiveness of tax increases in reducing overall tobacco consumption, particularly for specific excise taxes.

Learning how to choose good electronic cigarettes brands

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Electronic cigarettes brands have mostly made good names for themselves although there are a few that have failed to meet the standards of their customers. Understanding the basics of electronic cigarettes and how to spot good electronic cigarettes brands is a good way to find a product that will ultimately suit you. It might take a while for you to find it, but there’s no reason to doubt that it isn’t out there. These are the main factors that indicate whether the brand name in question is worth it or not

Satisfied customers

Most electronic cigarettes brands that are worth your time will have already established themselves with plenty of satisfied customers, unless the brand is very new and you happen to be one of the first customers. You should be able to find plenty of reviews and testimonials about electronic cigarettes brands, and if there aren’t any out there, then you would generally be better off looking somewhere else for your e cigarette.

A reasonable price

Nobody is saying you should purchase the cheapest e cigarette around, as that is probably not a good idea. Cheap electronic cigarette brands often design e cigs that have lower than average build and content quality. You don’t want to end up having to change the atomiser every week or puffing on an e cig that takes a long time to release vapour. Then again, spending over a hundred pounds for a new electronic cigarette might be out of the question as well. The ideal price range should be somewhere in the middle. That way you know that you are getting a functional electronic cigarette that will work well and at the same time you won’t have to spend a small fortune to own it.

Good service

You want to find electronic cigarettes brands that provide a solid returns policy and good customer service. That way you can have your e cigarette sent back if you are unsatisfied or it arrives defective in some way or another. You should also look to try and buy from members of ECITA the UK s trade association for electronic cigarette distributors as reassurance that the member s products will always meet strict packaging and product safety guidelines. In addition to VAPESTICK , to find other members you can conduct some simple online research.

In any case, you can find plenty of useful information on line about electronic cigarettes brands. If you are interested in one specific brand, doing a bit of side research is a great way to find out if it would be a good choice. Electronic cigarettes all share the same basic components, which are an atomiser, battery, and e liquid cartridge. However, the quality of the materials and technology used in the design of each e cigarette brand may vary, and this is why it is important to do some additional studying up on the brand.

Once you do find the right electronic cigarettes brands, you will likely be satisfied with the experience. E smoking offers a lot of enjoyment to smokers, as it gives a realistic smoking experience but keeps the dangers of tobacco smoke restricted. You should definitely buy a good e cigarette if you have grown tired of exposing your lungs to the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. You can do this by purchasing from the better electronic cigarettes brands.