Button cigarettes are in high demand, an online tobacco sales Australia trend. This online tobacco sales Australia trend is a challenge for its soft character, variety of aromas.

The consumer is invited to dilute the bored tobacco intonations with original tastes. Let’s take a look at the best, lightest and most delicious flavored capsule cigarette options, an online tobacco sales Australia trend.

The best button cigarettes.

According to statistics, smokers most often tend to buy the following tobacco products, which are the online tobacco sales Australia trend:

Marlboro double mix cigarettes contain a couple of capsules. The purple button is responsible for revealing the fruity aroma. The activation of the blue element on the filter brings an intense menthol flavor to the taste.

Parliament Tropic Voyage products in a compact format with two capsules. The light green button allows you to enjoy a bright combination of menthol flavors and exotic fruits. Blue-violet capsule infuses the smoky trail with a refreshing berry aroma.

Kent d-mix plus
elongated cigarettes. Pressing the yellow button releases a rich citrus scent. The purple capsule is filled with menthol and wild berry flavor.

The simultaneous activation of the buttons on the filter of the listed cigarettes completely overlaps the smell of tobacco with all-consuming, piquant aromas.

The category of light cigarettes with a flavored capsule includes ladies’ versions of products of a sophisticated format. ESSE Exchange cigarettes are in great demand among the female audience. The products contain a minimum of tar and nicotine. Under the brand, cigarettes with menthol, berry and fruit flavors are supplied to the market. The attention of admirers of easy-to-consume tobacco deserves the products of the Next Violet Mix brand. Cigarettes have a pronounced mild character. Crushing the capsule in the filter structure saturates the smoky plume with an intense berry aroma. On the palate, the sour notes of blueberries and grapes are clearly manifested. Low nicotine content pleases Kent Nano Mix cigarettes. Tobacco products are presented in Slims format. The filter is equipped with a capsule filled with aromatic wild berry extract.