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Cigarettes & red vines – the definitive paul thomas anderson resource: exclusive: the master set to shoot very soon

Tobacco firm begins ‘stealth-marketing’ campaign against plain packaging
I caught up with Paul Thomas Anderson this evening at Fred Armisen’s Largo show and briefly spoke about various things and we can exclusively tell you, despite everything else circulating the net (and hopefully without getting in trouble) that it sounds like The Master is set to shoot sometime next month. More details about things hopefully soon.

Semi Unrelated Update For those re finding the site at its new address, finding it for the first time or for the people who have been e mailing me questions all day Welcome! The main site is/was in the middle of a major facelift/overhaul we are not a new site and have been around since 1999. Everything will be in working order by the end of this month. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.)