Owned by the British company Imperial Tobacco, they can be found in 90 different countries in the world. However, they cannot be purchased in the UK or Ireland. They are produced in Germany. They come in shorts, longs, menthol, and non menthol versions. More info on Wikipedia
9 Prime Time
It might seem strange to include a cigar on this list, but in case you didn’t know, “cigarette” is French for “little cigar,” so Prime Time cigars have the right to be here. Whether you think they’re cigars shaped like cigarettes or cigarettes that resemble cigars, they are growing in popularity. They come in many flavors, including cherry, grape, chocolate mint and regular. More info on official site
8 L&M
Abbreviated from Liggit and Myers, L&M cigarettes are all the rage in Europe, Asia and the Arab nations. They have only been available in the United States since 2007, even though they are produced by the Altria Group, Inc., the company formerly known as Philip Morris. You can get them in menthol and non menthol varieties. More info on Wikipedia
7 Parliament
The best cigarette for cocaine users (if you believe the rumors). Parliament cigarettes are produced by Philip Morris and come in both regular and menthol varieties. They are popular throughout the world, including Asia, the United States, Japan, India, Turkey and Russia. They are different from most cigarettes because they have a recessed filter, which is how the cocaine rumor got started. More info on Wikipedia
6 Lucky Strike
Did you ever hear the phrase, “Smokin’ a Lucky?” Well, these are the smokes the people were talking about. One of the oldest manufactured cigarette on the market, the first Luckies were produced in 1871. The orignal Lucky Strike pack was green, but when World War II broke out, the company switched to the now recognized red, white and black pack. More info on Wikipedia
5 Pall Mall
Named after a popular street in London, Pall Malls were originally produced to attract upper middle class Londoners. When the company was sold to American Tobacco, they became one of the most popular cigarettes in the US. More info on Wikipedia
4 Winston
Believe it or not, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble used to do commercials for Winston cigarettes. Yeah, that Fred and Barney. In the 50s, celebrity endorsements for cigarettes were very popular, and a kiddie cartoon was no exception. Think about it, back in those days, the family used to watch television together, so even though it was the kid’s show, mom and dad were probably watching too. But it’s still hard to picture Fred saying, “Yabba dabba doo!” with a smoke hanging out of his mouth. More info on Wikipedia
3 Newport
Unlike other cigarette brands that created a menthol version of their cigarettes later, Newport did the reverse. The menthol cigarette pre dates the non menthol. Newports are the #1 brand for African American smokers and you can’t pick up an Ebony or Jet without seeing at least one advertisement for the brand. More info on Wikipedia
2 Camel
Camel cigarettes used to have a cartoon camel on the pack whose name was Joe Camel. However, the company which produce Camels, R.J. Reynolds, was forced to remove him from the packs and all its merchandise because it was thought that Joe was meant to appeal to children. And we can all agree that advertising cigarettes to kids is a bad thing to do. But even without the cartoon camel, plenty of people still smoke the brand. Enough to make it the runner up on our list. More info on Wikipedia

And now, without further ado, the most popular brand of cigarettes is
1 Marlboro
Is this a shock to anyone? Marlboro is one of the most popular brands throughout the world. Although it no longer sports the Marlboro Man on its packet, people who choose Marlboro still buy into the wild west attitude. Even with the unflattering nickname of “Cowboy Killers,” Marlboro Reds are still the most popular and purchased cigarette in the world. More info on Wikipedia

And there you have it the top 10 brands of cigarettes. We’re sure one of your favorites is on the list. However, since we are in no hurry to get a stern letter from the Surgeon General, we have to remind you that smoking is bad for you. It could cause cancer, low birth weight in babies, can complicate pregnancy and make your fingers all yellow and icky. And yes, sometimes, kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray. However, we draw the line at showing you some obscenely graphic photo of what you lungs might look like after 50 years of smoking, or people talking through a device in their throat. Just consider yourself warned If you don’t smoke, you shouldn’t start, and if you do smoke you might want to consider quitting.

A history in marketing of marlboro brand cigarettes – yahoo voices – voices.yahoo.com

Discount cigarettes – springfield, va
In 1902 Phillip Morris, a British cigarette manufacturer, opened a corporation in New York. They sold such brands as Cambridge, Derby, and Marlboro. Each brand they sold ws named after streets in London towns. In 1924 Phillip Morris introduces Marlboro as a womans cigarettes with the slogan “Mild as May”. A series of adsa in 1926 depicted a womans hand reaching for a cigarette. While other ads featured stylish women poseing in plush settings. By the 1950’s Babies were telling their moms and dads what a great smoke Marlboro was.

During World War II the brand faltered and was taken off the market. Shortly after the war three new brands were introduced carrying the names Camel, Lucky Strike, and Chesterfields. In 1942 Readers Digest published articles that stated that no matter what brand you smoked they were all the same and eash was just as deadly. And in another article they linked smoking to lung cancer. This is when Phillip Morris reintroduced Marlboro as the safer filtered cigarette. Unable to break away from smoking, due to the nicotine adiction, many smokers were breaking their loyalties to try new brands of filtered cigarettes. Phillip Mirris revised their campaign from “Mild as May” to the “tattooed man” which appealed to the male smoker who was concerned with lung cancer.

Esquire proved that there was nothing feminine about the filtered cigarette with ads depicting the new image of the nw Marlboro smoker which was the lean, relaxed, outdoorsman type. The same old flavor was being presented in the safer consumable filtered form. The ad read

“man sized taste of honest tobacco comes full through. Smooth drawing filter feels right in your mouth. Works fine but doesn’t get in the way. Modern flip top box keeps every cigarette firm until you smoke it.” (Phillip Morris Marlboro advertisment 1955) This being the birth of the original Marlboro man. Who was later changed to the cowboy we know of today.

Today advertisments aren’t in the traditional campaigns we know of such as print ads in the newspapers and the ads on the television. In 1998 the tobacco settelment agreement changed the way cigarettes are advertised. Advertisments in magizines are regulated and is only prohibited in adult magizines. And only in ways that does not direct the ads towards underaged smokers. Phillip Morris provides incentives to stores that place their brands within their displays that help Phillip Morris communicat to the adult smoker. They also direct mail promotions that offer coupons and other promotional incentives to the adult smoker. They also conduct a number of brand related events that is only conducted in adult only facilities and age verifications is proformed by state issued ID’s with the persons birthdaqte, address, and photo.

There are different varities of Marlboro which includes Full Flavor, Lights, Ultra lights, Medium, menthol, and the blends. In all there are more then 30 Varities of this one brand. It also should be noted that in august of 2006 the U.S. District Court handed down a ruleing that the terms “low tar”,”lights”,”mild”, “ultra lights,” or natural which they have declared misleading can no longer be used.

There are a number of web sites that offer Marlboro and other cigarettes at discounted prices. Phillip Morris states on their web site and on their international web site that they do not endorse such sales and that any company that does sell Marlboro is doing so illegally. The federal Government restricts such sales and are systematicly sutting down such sites. It is stated by the sales repersentitive of Phillip Morris international that the illegal sales of tobacco not only deprives the government of tax revenue but it also harms legitmate trade channels as well as hinders the efforts in youth provention programs set in place.

Phillip Morris has set forth a strict marketing code that they emforce. Their marketing code is strictly geared towards the adult smoker and is in no way directed towards the youth. This code is set in place for Two reasons it follows their corporate responsibility and it is part of their commitment in the provention of youth smoking. Here are some other key points to their marketing code.

1. Heath warnings are a manditory part of their packageing.

2. They avoid advertising on clothing and other appearl.

3. They avoid advertising in publications even the promitted one because of them being seen by the general public including children.

Phillip Morris also helped start programs that are geared towards the youth provention insmoking they donate money to programs that encourages children to achieve educationally. They also have scholarship programs that offers underpriviledged kids the opertunity to attend summer camps. They now have programs to help adults who want to stop smoking such as quit assist. The programs are availible through their web site as well in medical offices.

Marlboro can not be advertised in ways we are familiar with because of the restrictions and regulations. But they still remain the number one sellin brand on the market today. Wherther its through the spoken word or their mail promotions they still get their point across. And advertise in untraditioanl ways. They don’t offer pop displays or free samples but they do offer promotions in the form of coupons and specials like buy one get one free. Their price range is 2.69 a pack to 5.00 a pack depending on where you live and where you buy them.

They are sold in locations like convienence stores, supermarkets, and gas stations.


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