There are special procedures that the tobacco passes to let you buy discount cigarettes online.

Bulk curing
This procedure is somewhat complex: fluctuations in the outside temperature and humidity are balanced out via a closed heating and ventilation system. During this drying process, the typical orange-yellow color of the Virginia leaf is then fixed. The process takes four to seven days.

Air curing

For six to eight weeks all the plants of the Burley hang in airy barns and sheds, through which a light wind always blows. Then the “air curing” gave the leaves their typical cocoa color and the smell and taste, which are also reminiscent of cocoa. Some types of tobacco still have to be fermented after drying.

This is how fermentation works
During fermentation, the fermentation process, the typical aroma of tobacco is developed. During this fermentation process, which can take several weeks, proteins are broken down and other chemical processes go through. This creates the final typical flavor of the tobacco.

The purchasing process – the right choice is what counts to buy discount cigarettes online.

Buyers know exactly what is important when it comes to tobacco. You see, smell and feel the difference that smokers taste.

The buyers specifically select and buy discount cigarettes online with the leaves of a plant, which then also result in the required nicotine and taste characteristics of a finished batch.

To buy discount cigarettes online, buyers are choosing them with care and experience.

Cigarettes develop their typical taste through the variety of aromas of the different types of tobacco. Each brand has its own distinctive mix. The slightly sweet oriental tobacco rounds off the aromatic Virginia tobacco and the Burley tobacco gives the mixture the “spice” like salt and pepper to a dish.

Up to 50 different batches of tobacco belong in the mix to let you select and buy discount cigarettes online. Finding this “blend” and then constantly re-adjusting its typical taste for different harvests is one of the most important and difficult tasks in product development.

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