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What are e cigarettes

Cdc reports rise in e-cigarette poisoning in children time

Well, electronic cigarettes are battery run devices that vaporize nicotine liquid so that the user can inhale and feel the sensation in almost the same way as a tobacco cigarette. However, the biggest difference is that instead of smoke, you inhale water vapor that has a flavor and some amount of nicotine in it but is, otherwise, free from those 4000 life threatening chemicals as well as from the effects of second hand smoking. There is no nasty tobacco odor or stain on your clothes or fingers.

So, if you are thinking to change the way you smoke, it is obvious that you would wish to compare electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. What you will find is that the former ones are much better in terms of health. As makers claim, the e cigarettes have far less risky chemicals released as compared to burning tobacco. They contain no carbon monoxide, carcinogens, tar, and other chemicals to ruin your health. Yes, there is nicotine to offer you the same sensation and throat hit but it is not that risky to clog your lungs, as it is in the liquid form. Instead, you only get the right amount of nicotine you need to fulfill your craving.

Inside E Cigarette and Outside Experience

An e cigarette consists of a battery, cartridge filled with liquid nicotine, and atomizer that is powered by the battery to heat the liquid for producing healthy vapors. This liquid is made of FDA approved propylene glycol (base), nicotine whose concentration you select at the time of buying the cigarette, and a flavor of your choice. When you use an electronic cigarette for the first time, you will notice the difference in the quality and feel. Right from your initial puff, you will notice that the flavor is consistent, throat hit is really similar, and taste is better, no matter where you use this portable device. Further, the batteries will enable you to spend plenty of time to rejoice in the flavor and taste.

Places Where You Can Use E Cigarettes

Almost everywhere, except on planes. You can literally vape wherever you like, even in restaurants, airports, and in lobbies and where smoking tobacco cigarettes is banned. This is truly because the e cigs do not produce second hand smoke and that even you are not stuck in the clutches of bad odor and stinks on fingers, hair, clothes, and teeth.

So, if you choose to replace tobacco cigarettes by electronic cigarettes, you are helping not only yourself but all around you. However, using e cigs can be illegal if you are under the legal smoking age of your state, which varies from one state to another.

Health Safety and E Cigarettes

Many people still have a concern as to whether e cigarettes are safe or not. However, if you compare them to tobacco cigarettes, they are a safer alternative. The only risk that you take up is the nicotine that is actually an addictive ingredient.

However, nicotine in liquid form is not that harmful as in the form present in tobacco cigarettes. Further, you can control the amount of this liquid ingredient by choosing its strength or concentration. The trick here is to start with a high dose and then gradually decrease it as and when your body gets adjusted to it, resulting in lower addiction level. This is actually proposed to deal with your nicotine addiction such that it becomes zero via a healthier means.

It is true that the FDA has yet not given its approval to e cigarettes formally. There have been many issues in the past, which has only illustrated its efforts to put a ban on these cigarettes or regulate them as drug delivery devices. However, the FDA will soon regulate the usage of e cigs.