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The early 1980’s were something of a forgotton time for Eric Clapton’s he was about to come back very strongly but,the fact was that Clapton’s soul,blues and boogie woogie mix of pop/rock music just wasn’t really being paid attention to as much anymore now that different post punk and new wave music was being bought to the forefront on the radio. Those genres were definately a breath of fresh air in terms of innovation to an extent but for those who stayed with people like Clapton he actually still had a lot to say. The most interesting thing about this album is that it doesn’t really stray all that much from the style Clapton had been using during his mid to late 70’s solo career. With Ry Cooder and Albert Lee on the board this is very much a laid back styled rhythm & blues affair. The reason I use that term is because blues artists of this era who were working within the then current ideom actually wound up doing not necessarily straight ahead blues but a sound that was something like a modern variation on what Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin did in the 50’s and 60’s. Claptons version of “Everbody Oughta Make A Change”,therefore is top notch rhythm & blues and,for an even more decent reference there is the presense of Booker T & The MG’s Donald “Duck” Dunn actualy ups the ante even more. Many of the songs such as “The Shape You’re In”,”Ain’t Going Down” and “Man Overboard” follow a similar lead none are exactly lowdown blues or smooth blues exactly but have have that rhythic bite and crunch that brings it up to having something of a retro/modern soul flavor to it. “Pretty Girl” brings the same approch to a wonderful romantic ballad that features some wonderful slide guitar playing. “Man In Love”,”Crosscut Saw” and “Slow Down Linda” are very much reminders of the type of music that Clapton worked magic with back in the day with Cream,Blind Faith,Derek & The Dominoes and even to a certain extent The Plastic Ono Band. Since these songs have a strong small group flavor they tend to make one forget the musicians intensely legendary status and just find him and his fellow musicians relaxing and letting the music flow. The album ends on a pretty appropriatly upbeat note with “Crazy Country Hop”.One of the best things about this album IS the fact it wasn’t a hit album and would up being forgotton in the huge cannon of Clapton albums extending back to his earliest work with John Mayall and The Yardbirds. The fact he was able to create such an enjoyable album that gets better with each listen says a lot. Read more