Disclaimer Walmart’s e cig is very low quality. Your time will be better spent reading my reviews of a higher quality product, such as V2 Cigs.

If you are like most people in the world, you have a Walmart somewhat near to your house. It’s a company that has made it’s name out of convenience and supposedly the lowest prices around. And this is exactly the reason why so many people ask if there is a Walmart electronic cigarette, and if it’s any good. So I’m going to answer that question today by sharing my experience with an e cigarette I bought from Walmart.

I don’t shop at Walmart often, but I was in there to buy some snacks and drinks for a party that my wife and I were throwing. I ended up checking out in the checkout line that is right next to the tobacco products. I was putting my goods on the counter when I happened to see a sign that said something about “vapor not smoke”. I saw that they had a small section devoted to electronic cigarettes and I was intrigued. I knew that Wal Mart probably would not have the kind of e cigs that I’m used to using (V2, Smokeless Image) but I thought perhaps it would be a decent start for people who wanted something they could just go to the store and buy.

I brought home the strange looking e cigarette package that I bought (it looks nothing like most of the big brand starter kits) and was very interested to see how it performed.

I don t often do this, but I ll sum it up for you with one simple image

Full Walmart Electronic Cigarette Review by Category Vapor Production 3/10

I was sorely disappointed by the lack of vapor production that these Walmart e cigs created. I would get probably about 1/3 of the amount of vapor I’d get from a V2 or Smokeless Image puff. The problem is that ultimately they are just very, very small disposable e cigs. And regular sized disposables have terrible vapor production to begin with!

Battery Life 1/10

Oh boy, where to start? Normally a less than average battery life is something I can get past in a brand, but not this time! Not only did one battery last me less than half the day, but this kit isn’t rechargeable at all! Once the batteries done, you’re done using it. Recharging batteries is what makes e cigarettes so great in the long term they’re cheap and just keep going. But Walmert I suppose is just going to keep pushing these small, low quality disposables toward people at their stores and gas stations who don’t really know about e cigs.

Flavors 2/10

Two flavors. Tobacco and menthol. That’s it. Nuff Said. They weren’t terrible, but come on, flavors are one of the best things about e cigs!

Overall 1.5/10

I suppose starting with Walmart is better than staying with analog cigarettes, but I sometimes wonder. Someone who has a bad experience with a brand like this may just assume that all e cigarettes are terrible. And then they don’t get to improve their life through this fantastic technology.

In the end, I think you know what I’m going to say. Don’t buy anything from Walmart! They are just a brand that has cornered the offline market because it doesn’t have a product that would succeed online. This Walmart electronic cigarette is truly worthy of the name.

Like I mentioned at the start of the review, this product is not worth your time. I highly recommend you try other, higher quality electronic cigarette brands such as V2 Cigs or SmokelessImage. Low quality products can potentially ruin your experience with e cigs, and I don’t want that to happen.

Make your vapor experience a good one! Check out the rest of my reviews!

Superkings is a popular brand of cigarettes manufactured by imperial tobacco (originally under the brand name: john player). they are available in ireland and the u.k. however, numerous other brands that have a similar name may exist all around the world. the name is derived from the 100 mm cigarette length, which was amongst the first in the uk to be longer than the usual king size. it is a know

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Superkings is a popular brand of cigarettes manufactured by Imperial Tobacco (originally under the brand name John Player). They are available in Ireland and the U.K. However, numerous other brands that have a similar name may exist all around the world.

The name is derived from the 100 mm cigarette length, which was amongst the first in the UK to be longer than the usual king size. It is a known fact that the term “Super Kings” is often used to describe any cigarette of regular length indicator but with additional length to a king size (K.S.) cigarette. Super kings packaging is marked by vertical bars of black and gold, blue, white or green designed to emphasize the increased length. The filter is light brown (white for menthol) with 2 gold circles at the base. The name and crest are printed on the cigarette near the filter. They are available in regular, light, ultra light and Menthol varieties.

Since Super King sized cigarettes are, on most occasions, the same price as the regular king size cigarettes of the same brand, it is a common speculation that they are made from inferior quality (surplus tobacco) and so are of a much lesser quality than regular sized cigarettes. Nevertheless, being primarily marketed towards the working class female smoker, the brand still remains the 9th most popular cigarette brand in the UK with 3.3% of the market!