west_compact_silverIf you have ever tried West cigarettes you presumably know how the authentic cigarettes ought to taste! As West brand has a saturated taste it made them famous in more than 90 nations around the world. These smokes are accessible in the European tobacco markets with the exception of Ireland and UK.

Initially West cigarettes were produced in 1981. Their maker was Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken, a prominent German tobacco company. This brand is basically a German one. The very name of its producer showed us clearly the best quality and unique taste!

At first the brand was marketed just at the cigarettes stores and cigarette machines located in the streets. Furthermore, from the earliest starting point these cigarettes were sought after on the grounds that not all cigarettes have such an intense flavor. The aroma and taste that were modified for a long time at last got the perfectly balanced recipe.

The main ad of this Brand claimed “Quality brand at a fair price” and it has all the time been obvious. West cigarettes have dependably had the reasonable costs since it is difficult to discover the smokes of the best quality with the most delightful design and repute!

At the present moment West Cigarettes are the second biggest cigarette trademark in Germany, the main brand in Slovenia and Slovakia and a strong player in Russia, Azerbaijan and Poland.

This brand has a particular flavor and taste. It is of a real German quality: it is exact and clear. West introduces the cigarettes that effectively dominate in order to get the greatest number of smokers from the whole world. This tobacco brand was and is adored by local tobacco smokers, the Germans, who purchase West cigarettes.

Let us guess what really makes West cigarettes so much attractive and ideal? It is so since it has such a large number of points of interest: the best tobacco, flavorful taste, unique and extraordinary smell and the last aspect – popular pack. The cost of this “jewel” will never be too much for you!

Any consumer, who begins smoking with the expensive brand or not, will have the possibility to buy these cigarettes any time. The brand is oriented on every person. It will give them a very surprising smoking knowledge. Individuals commend this tobacco item not without a reason. It is a genuine western nature of West cigarettes. The play on words underscores its significance for the dedicated or potential smokers.