The U.S. government passed a bill in 2009 prohibiting the sale of all flavored cigarettes, except of course, the best selling menthol. It does not ban the sale of my beloved Djarum Special clove cigarettes, so long as you do not live in the United States the Land that is No Longer Free. You will not get in trouble if you buy clove cigarettes online.

I miss my Special clove cigarettes they are not available in Indonesia. They are available online in England, but do not have the same flavor. If anyone knows where I can buy my coveted Djarum Special clove cigarettes, please let me know! Meanwhile, I order Djarum Blacks and Sampoerna A Milds from All Clove Cigarettes in Indonesia.

This information is dedicated to fellow clove and flavored cigarette smokers. You can still buy your favorite flavored cigarettes online! Here is research to back my claim that it is not illegal to buy clove cigarettes online from other countries or importing flavored cigarettes to Americans. United States Customs will not be a problem so long as you do not order in bulk.

United States Customs

According to United States Customs, it is only illegal to sell flavored cigarettes in the United States. From the “Letter to Industry on Cigarettes Containing Certain Characterizing Flavors,” as of September 22, 2009, it is illegal to sell cigarettes containing certain characterizing flavors except menthol anywhere in the United States. U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The import regulations for clove cigarettes and other flavors, according to the United States Customs 1000 cigarettes, a reasonable amount of tobacco and 100 cigars ARE allowed. United States Customs

Flavored cigarettes are now sold as cigars but do not have the same taste. I used to smoke Djarum Special clove cigarettes that were distributed from California.

All Clove Cigarettes

I have ordered from All Clove Cigarettes at least 5 times. The Indonesian supplier communicates with the buyer and provides package tracking via the USPS and the Indonesian Post. The tracking information will tell you when it was shipped, passed through United States Customs and arrival.

The flavored clove cigarettes that I buy come in packs of 16. Three cartons of Djarum Blacks (2) and Sampoerna A Milds (1) cost $80, including express shipping cost. Express shipping is only $10! The cost of Djarum clove cigarettes is approximately $4.30 and that price includes shipping cost. The Alert Pay system they use is a bit confusing you can pay with credit card but they make it seem like you cannot.


United States Customs, VisaHQ

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, September 21, 2009, CSMS

All Clove Cigarettes,

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