cigarettesIt makes you dizzy when you look at all options in tobacco market. So many possible combinations: the type, color, length, and, of course, taste and smell! Alas. In fact, very few people try all available alternatives.

As a rule, people find more or less suitable variants and calm down, and – who knows – perhaps they deprive themselves of the joy of novelty.

At the same time, it is not always possible to try just one cigarette, you have to buy the whole pack, and if you constantly experiment, it could become problematic.

Many smokers say that they started with the usual, traditional cigarettes and then switched to the original sorts and varieties — menthol, flavored and other ones — bringing another pleasure which brought great freshness and new experiences.

Someone started with menthol varieties and confirms that they fit better for a beginner.

Opinions differ. So the first attempt may be lumpy and you should not be disappointed at once: possible far not at once you will find truly your “own” cheap cigarettes online.

In any case, remember that you yourself can make the choice.

Listening to your feelings or the piece of advice of others, trusting advertising or making conclusions on your own, one way or another, but always proceed only in the way you think it is right.

If the length does not play a great role, you should not choose cigarettes 120 mm long. Yes, they look adorable, but if you’re new to smoking, you will make only a few puffs of the first pack, and the rest will not be used, and the sort may not be liked.

Trying smoking usual cigarettes, you’ll be less worried about possible loss of money and cigarettes. Do not take for granted the division of cigarettes into “female” and “male” – it is largely a far-fetched concept, which was invented by advertisers.

All varieties and brands have their pros and cons. Therefore, the choice between thin or conventional cigarettes is a simple choice, especially as the contents of such cigarettes of a brand is approximately the same. The only thing is that slim cigarettes ease inhaling and sometimes more fit to the proportions of your appearance.

The surrounding, friends and colleagues can smoke certain sorts and types of cigarettes, and it sometimes it puts pressure when you decide what to choose what to buy and what to smoke.

But if you enjoy your light, delicate sky-stylish-white long cigarettes, then in combination with the boring, monotonous preferences of others, you’ll look even more advantageous – as the original, unique personality.

Cigarettes chosen by you are your standard and norm.