Electronic smoking is fast becoming a preferred alternative to conventional smoking. It is smokeless, carbonless, and more accepted in some areas where conventional cigarettes are not allowed. Many choose to buy electronic cigarette purchases online. There are more choices to select from, and it is more convenient. In addition, it is often less expensive than buying from other sources. It is definitely less expensive than conventional cigarette purchases.

Basic Components

All electronic cigarettes have some basic components in common, though quality varies between brands. Components include

Cartomizer combines atomizer and cartridge in some

An orange glowing tip gives the feel of a lit cigarette, as well as indicating when the battery needs replacing. All have a rechargeable battery to power the water vapor. There needs to be an atomizer to produce the vapor, as well. This vapor is what gives the feel of smoking, without the smoke. Flavor cartridges vary by brands, but trying different ones can help you find which you prefer. They should not block the smooth flow of the vapor, however.

Top brands have different features that make one preferable over another.

Though personal taste and preference enter into the decision, a brand that is popular among the most people indicates that they have something that is working for the majority. Though your personal taste can lead you to choose a different brand than what is most popular, it is good to start with name brands when you buy electronic cigarette online. That helps you get the features that most appeal to users in a smoke free electronic cigarette.

V2 Cigs

One of the top brands to look at to buy electronic cigarette purchases online is V2 Cigs. They can be found at . They have an interactive website that shows you what your starter kit will look like as you choose the colors, sizes, and styles of starter items. As you go, you can find some combos that will make your selections even lower in cost. You have virtually unlimited combinations of flavors and styles, as well as being able to select the strength that most suits your taste.

Shipping is inexpensive (or in many cases optionally available for free!), meaning you don t offset any savings when you buy electronic cigarette purchases online by having to pay extra shipping costs. Products are shipped foil wrapped for safety and freshness. Product dating insures you always receive fresh products.

This company has a unique feature not offered by any others. They have batch reports available to users. You send them your batch number and they will send you a report of the ingredients to insure uniformity and lets you know the strength of nicotine. You can also check that there are no additional additives present that are not supposed to be there. This means you get quality assurance with this brand when you buy electronic cigarette purchases online.

V2 Cigs has several new products that will give you added enjoyment when you buy electronic cigarette online. These include carrying cases. Some of the features of their unique carrying cases are

Charge the battery for a number of times

Metal for added protection

Room to include spare batteries

Express kits are available that are complete products, but with less numbers of each component.

This allows you to cheaply try the product for the first time, or to replenish or expand your current product. When you buy electronic cigarette online, it helps if you can try before you buy. Additional products are car chargers and chargers that plug into a USB port. This gives you the most versatility.


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