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Best brand of electric cigarettes

E cigarette reviews 2014

Many consumers enjoy eCigs because of their convenience and because they are very similar in appearance to a traditional cigarette. Those who have decided to go with a vaporizer may wonder about the best type of buy. The two major types are rechargeable and disposable and each type offers its own unique benefits. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are of course going to give you more for your money simply because you can reuse them over and over again as long as you keep the battery charged. There are however, a few benefits of disposable e cigs that you may want to consider.

Disposables offer ease of use and are a bit more like traditional cigarettes because you simply take them out of the pack and begin puffing. You have no worries of keeping up with the recharging accessories or wondering if you have enough battery power to last. You do not have to switch cartridges or other parts. You simply puff the disposable eCig until it is completed and then throw it away.

Disposables also offer a bit of ease when it comes to understanding how to use them. Those who have experience in using eCigs know how to properly put the device together but those new to vaping may need a few instructions to ensure that they get the best experience. With disposables however, they come ready to use so there is no measuring and no worries of properly filling the cartridge.

Because they are a bit more convenient and because they are completely disposable, they are also a bit less costly than rechargeables but you have to consider the long term cost as well. Rechargeable eCigs typically come in a kit with everything that you need to keep them fully charged. You can buy additional batteries and atomizers to ensure that you always have one on hand. Once you have everything that you need, you simply have to continue to replace the cartridges. Disposables come ready to puff but again, you throw them away after you have finished them so you have to constantly replace the entire eCigarette when you use disposables.

Both offer a wide range of flavors and other benefits so it may simply come down to how committed you are to the act of vaping. If you are looking to enjoy using an eCig for quite a while then spending the additional money upfront on a rechargeable is not a bad idea. If you are not sure that you are going to continue however, disposables may be the better choice. If you have never used an eCig and you are simply wondering what the hype is all about, disposables are certainly a good choice. They give you the opportunity to try vaping and see if it is something that you will enjoy before you make a long term investment by purchasing a rechargeable model or cartons of disposables for long term use.